Home Entertainment Setup Service We will help you every step of the way, from simple systems to complex speaker placement needs.

home entertainment setup service

Did you know you can have a theater experience in the comfort of your own home? We have extensive knowledge with the best amplifiers, speakers and TV’s and can make your living room a place of ultimate immersion. Whether we’re installing a new TV or fixing a light fixture, we can help bring the big screen home. Our team of professionally trained technicians will ensure that your home theater system is correctly calibrated for the best sound quality and visual performance. We’ll help you choose the perfect setup tailored to your budget, lifestyle, and room space to make sure you get the most out of your home theater experience. From setting up speakers to customizing interfaces for content streaming services, we have you covered. 

Home Theater System Plan Screen & Audio Setup

Our technicians will help you plan for your exact needs by selecting the perfect screens and speakers. We can provide a wide range of options from quality audio-visual receivers, sound systems and projectors to high-definition displays, exterior or in ceiling speakers and more. By using specialist tools, we make sure that everything fits together perfectly so that you can enjoy high quality sound and visuals without any compromises.

Analyze Room Layout

We will analyze the layout of your room to determine the optimal placement for each speaker and select the right components for your budget and lifestyle. Our experienced technicians assess aspects such as space, acoustics, viewing distance, angle of vision and more to customize your home theater setup according to your specifications. This makes sure that you get quality sound performance from every corner of the room for an immersive cinematic experience.

Connect all cables, speakers, receivers and AV components in your system.

With our service, you’ll never have to fumble around with tangled wires or complicated connections. We’ll take care of connecting all cables, speakers, receivers and AV components in your home theater set up with ease. We guarantee efficient setup and professional advice, so that you can get the best viewing experience each time.

Install tv mount and tv or Screen for projector system

Properly installing the screen/tv is more than just hanging it on the wall. Where are the wall studs behind the sheetrock or brick? This is important to know for the safety of your family. Can the brick handle the weight, we have seen some very beautiful rock work but it was a soft brick and would not hold the weight of a tv mount let alone a full articulating tv mount. 

Ensure you have proper cable management for a clean look and feel behind the TV/monitor and around the room.

Properly organizing cables is one of the often overlooked, but also one of the most important steps in setting up a home theater. We’ll carefully connect and route all wires involved in your home theater setup yet hidden from sight. This way, they won’t spoil the room’s visual look and allow for seamless sound transfer from component to component. Cable management is key for ensuring smooth operation and maintaining the perfect viewing experience.

Install Surround Sound Speakers

Installing surround sound speakers is an essential part of any home theater setup. Dolby Atmos needs to have the speakers set in very specific locations. With our expert installation, we will ensure that all the speakers are securely mounted and wired so as to provide you with maximum clarity and volume. We’ll also carefully position them throughout the room to create a realistic, immersive experience – perfect for when you want to sit back and enjoy your favorite movies or music.

Calibrate Home Theater System

Once all the components of your home theater system have been installed, it is essential to take time to calibrate it for optimal performance. Our trained professionals use a variety of tools and methods, such as acoustic measurement equipment, laser levels and testing discs, to adjust each component of your system so that you can enjoy the best possible audio and visual experience.

This can all be done in steps

The good news is you do not have to do it all at once, you can build your system as you are able to. For our system it has been an ongoing project for over 20 years now. So contact us today so we can help you get your home entertainment system setup and sounding as good as it looks.