Rental Property Maintenance Value

How Regular Maintenance Can Increase Your Rental Property Value Whether it is for the home you live in or a rental property, regular maintenance is something you must do to get the most out of any home and keep the cost of owning that property down. By DOUGLASS BRIGGS Whether it is for the home […]

16 Essential Tools for any DIY Home Project

16 Essential Tools

16 Essential Tools for any DIY Home Project – Every homeowner needs a well-stocked toolbox. Whether you live in a modern apartment in downtown Philadelphia, a historic home in Boston, or you’re looking to put your house on the market, you will inevitably need to make home repairs – and you’ll need the tools to do it.

Electrical Repairs

Tips on what to look for when deciding who to call for an electrical repair.

Pet Door Installation Services

Pet Door being used for first time with dog poking head out of door with ball in mouth

Pet Door Installation Service We install Dog doors, Pet Doors or even Cat doors in doors or with a wall kit in a wall. As a Pet Door Installer we install pet doors or dog doors in your home, we have the tools to do this fairly quickly and have done enough of them to […]

Replace Ceiling Fan

 Replace Ceiling Fan The old ceiling fan had quit working, had a light but no fan, so I needed to replace it. This is the same house as the broken pipe repair. Didn’t take as many photos but here are the few that I did take. This is one of the best examples of why […]

Kitchen sink drain repair

This home had a slow on again off again leak with a nasty smell under the kitchen sink that just would not go away, the new home owner had thought it was inside the wall behind the kitchen sink, which was an outside wall and had little chance of getting to it without a major […]