East Texas Handyman Service Areas

For your convenience, we cover a wide range of areas from Tyler Texas to Longview Texas to Winnsburro Texas
Lake Holbrook Texas

Mineola, Texas

We fell in love with Mineola before moving here in May 2020. Lake Holbrook is a favored place to sit back and relax in between helping our lakeside neighbors keep their homes looking bright and ready for seasonal fun.

Holly Lake Ranch, Texas

Holly Lake Ranch, Texas is an amazing community to visit, with a beautiful lake and a crazy amount a deer that just love to wander around.  Visit this page for more information on their location. 

Winnsburro, Texas

The art we see as we drive through Winnsboro always makes us excited to visit. We are happy to have this area be available as one of our service areas.

Canton, Texas

Canton, Texas know for its first Monday, click on this link to find out more

Big Sandy, Texas

The small town feel of Big Sandy makes it a favorite of ours. Between hearing the train as we’re driving through and enjoying the sounds of nature while we fix or repair the area where you live, it is a place we look forward to seeing.

Quitman, Texas

Handyman in Quitman Texas

Longview, Texas

Handyman Longview Texas. Visit our other pages to see what services we offer for Longview Texas

Handyman Tyler Texas

We offer Handyman Services in Tyler Texas. With a Lowes and a Home Depot we find ourselves in this area a lot.

We love working and living here in North East Texas – These are the main service areas and every town in between that Brian’s Pro Handyman currently services, other areas can be arranged.

East Texas Handyman Service Areas – We love living in North East Texas, 6 Service areas from Tyler, to Longview and North to Sulphur Springs, Gilmer, Quitman, Big Sandy, Winnsboro, Texas.

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