Handyman Services List

Our expertise extends to resolving various issues, including those overlooked by others. We are here to help you with all your handyman requirements and ensure outstanding outcomes. Give us the chance to assist you with your residence or property, and you won’t have to look for another handyman service again.

Handyman Services Door Repair
Brian and Stacey

Professional Handyman Services

A list of services we provide, We can provide other services that are not on this list so feel free to send us an email or text us and ask.

List of 30+ Handyman Services

Our Small job Rate starts at $135

We do not charge by the hour so you do not need to worry about how long or how difficult a job may be. This way you can have a conversation with us and not worry about how it may affect your bill. 

Get your Brian & Stacey list together and let us tackle your basic home maintenance list that just never gets the attention that it needs, we can fix in a day what it may take a month of weekends to finish. 

Have a laundry list of things to improve in your new home? Need things fixed before you can sell? Send us your Home Inspection Repair List. We’ll help you prioritize what needs to be done and in what order, breaking it down into bite sized chunks and allowing you to check them off.

Kids can be rough on doors; you don’t have to live with it. Whether your inside door is hanging by a single screw or your outside door is letting in bugs and humidity, give us a call. We have extensive experience repairing or replacing the entryways in your home.

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Screen rooms create a protected outdoor area for homeowners to enjoy. They offer privacy while still appreciating the outdoors and can be customized to suit different needs. Screen rooms increase a home’s value and are a worthwhile investment. Let the professionals handle your screen room installation for a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.

Whether you have had termites or wood rot, Brian’s Pro Handyman can handle it. We have been repairing wood rot in East Texas since 2020 using the highest quality materials. Our repairs come with a one-year guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your house is fungi-free.

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Home services for vacation homes and rental homes. 

Those wall repair kits from the local hardware store are far from being decent, and do nothing for the crazy amounts of dust. We have HEPA level vacuums and dust barriers to help keep you home dust free as possible. 

We do our best to match the existing textures as well as prime and paint for a near perfect finish. 

From small holes to kids playing spiderman-level accidents, we can repair your drywall. A Leaking toilet that damaged walls.  Leave it to us at Brian’s Pro Handyman make your home better than new.

Popcorn Ceiling removal service, we use HEPA dust extractors and make sure your home stays clean. 

More details here – Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Our local Tv Mount service will install your tv safely and with the proper equipment.

Tv’s installed without the proper hardware can be a health hazard. Don’t take chances with your entertainment system. Let us at Brian’s Pro Handyman set up your television so you don’t have to worry about it falling during your favorite program.

Door Lock Installation Service

Whether your deadbolt lock needs to be replaced or a new lockset needs to be installed in a door that has never had one, Brian’s Pro Handyman has you covered. We have the correct tools to do it the right way every time. Improve the security of your home and contact us today.

Internet outages are some of the most frustrating issues we have in our time. Troubleshooting is a skill we have acquired by helping ourselves and others. Contact us with your specific problem and we can help you come up with a solution.

Your kitchen is a centerpiece to your home. From drawers to drywall, we can handle it all. Let us breathe new life into that squeaky door hinge or add lighting to a dim pantry. Check out our page here.

Need a handrail installed inside or out? Did your kids decide the one already there was a jungle gym? We can ‘hand’le it all.

Vaulted ceilings are no match for our large ladders. We can replace old light fixtures with new, energy efficient models – saving you money both now and later.

Vaulted ceilings are no match for our large ladders. We can replace old light fixtures with new, energy efficient models – saving you money both now and later.

This Year is shaping up to be a hot and humid one, the things you need to stop the cold from getting is are the same things to keep the humidly, bugs and critters out, Door Seals, Sealing up cracks and doors that close tight.

Home Wood Repairs

Rotten wood belongs outside, not in your home. Let us help keep your home fresh and dry by replacing the failing areas with the best products available.

Water damage from a previous leak leave a nasty stain on your ceiling? Has settling left an eyesore in your bedroom? Our team can repair your ceilings and have them looking new again. We even clean up when we’re finished.

Need something done that’s not on our list? We handle most home improvement services for residential homes. We can likely take care of it for you. Contact us today to get an estimate.

Who doesn’t need more storage space in their home? Brian’s Pro Handyman has got your back. Whether it’s your garage, closet, pantry or any other area in the home, we can help get your cabinetry repaired and functional again so you can get organized and take control of your space.

No one likes to hear their ceiling fan when they’re talking. It can make you avoid even the most relaxing room. We have experience with not only replacing noisy ceiling fans, but also adding them to a room. Whether you need to upgrade from a light to a fan, or downgrade to just a light, we’ve got your needs covered.

Brian’s Pro Handyman is a small business handling small ‘honey-do’ type home repair work. Our rates go by hourly and/or bid type pricing. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Need a worn-out light switch replaced? Need a light bulb Replaced?

What about speaker wiring or outdoor lighting?

Brian’s Pro Handyman has you covered for all your low voltage needs. Not sure if you need a handyman or an electrician? Check out our electrical repair services page page for more information.


Security cameras are becoming a necessity. Whether you’re wanting to catch the person stealing packages off your porch or making sure your vehicle stays safe, we’re here for you. We can wire up security cameras and provide troubleshooting. We offer a one-year warranty on all our labor, ensuring that both your possessions and your money are in good hands.

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You chose to purchase barn doors because you loved the look of them. Don’t let an inexperienced installer leave you disappointed. At Brian’s Pro Handyman, we go above and beyond to ensure that even the smallest details are up to your standard.

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handyman services for seniors, We install grab bars in showers for senior safety.

Installation Services 

From appliances to hood venting we offer installation services to help make a house a home

We install dog doors / Pet Doors, contact us for your estimate and we can give you our recommendation about the best energy efficient pet door we have ever found. 

We all need a working bathroom, we would love a chance to repair and update your bathroom and have it functional and not embarrassing to have guests be able to use it.