Handyman Services List

We offer basic handyman needs with professional level results we bring the tools to do it right.

This page has a list of some of the services that we offer to Mineola, Tx and East Texas


Handyman Services List

Handyman Repairs

We can create solutions for the rare problem that no one else wants to touch.

give our team a try for your handyman repairs, you won’t need anyone else for your home or office pro handyman needs.

We rebuild and repair kitchen drawers as  well as replace drawer slides and repair door hinges.

Home Theater Setup

You can enjoy the theater experience at home, let us set up and recommend speakers, amplifiers and the best places to make all of it work the best in your home.

We install 4K Projectors and Flat Screen TV’s in your home or office

Clean, Safe, Professional installs that look and sound amazing.

Anyone can hang a tv on a wall and call it good, but were the wires hidden, does it sound as good as it could have? Does it look professional?

A cheap tv install robs you of a lot of what it could, the worst part is was it done safely, is it going to fall? We have the experience to do it right and safely and have it look amazing.

Stair Handrail Repairs

Do you need a handrail installed for those steep basement stairs? or did one get pulled off of the wall and is now flopping around, we can fix that.

We can replace an old light fixture with a new energy efficient model in your home, even if we need a large ladder

Light bulb Replacement

We can replace that light bulb that is 12 feet high on your vaulted ceiling or over your stairs, We have the special ladders that can do that easily and cheaply for you today.

Home Winterizing

Need you home winterized?

Door Seals

Window Seals

If you have light or cold air leaking past your doors, we can stop it and save you money and stop the drafts.

Cell Phone Booster

Have your Cell Phone Booster installed by someone that has done many installs before, this is a job that you need done right the first time, when this job is done wrong it could cause major problems with everything from poor performance of your cell phone booster to water and mold damage from water following the cable into your home. Your new cell phone Booster needs to be aimed at the correct tower for the best performance for your cell phone carrier. 

It costs less in the long run to have it installed right the first time.

Door Hardware Installer

Door Hardware Installer

Need a new door installed? We install interior and exterior doors.

Door Repairs

We can repair your door. Do you have kids that have hung on the door and the screws have pulled out? or does the door not shut tight enough to keep the bugs and humidity out? Give us a call you could be enjoying a door that just works.

Here is a a link to some photos of door hardware repairs that we have done

Need rotten boards replaced Here in Texas we have a lot of wonderful green and the price we pay for all of that green is rain, and with the rain comes wood rot, we can replace the rotten wood on your home.

Sheetrock Repairs

Need to have a few small holes repaired?

Or was your child trying to climb the walls like Spider man and put their foot through the wall?

Or did a leak from the upstairs toilet leak and damage the drywall in the basement?

we can fix those issues for you and clean up the mess when we are done. We also repair the wall so that it is much less likely to happen in that area again.

we also replace existing doors and can install security door bell systems.

Tv Installs

We can install your tv safely and properly with the correct hardware.

Ceiling Repair

We can repair your ceiling that had leaks and has stains. Our crew can repair your ceilings and have them looking new again, and we clean up the mess after we are done.

Wifi Troubleshooting.

We troubleshoot your wi-fi settings.

Contact us with your specific problem and we can help you come up with a solution.

Power washing

Driveway Cleaning

Soft wash Mold

Sidewalk Cleaning

Mold Removal

Around House Maintenance

We provide maintenance services for your home or business.

Carpentry Repairs with garage, closet, pantry, utility room shelving.

Send us your Home Inspection Repair List and we can help you go over it and help you with getting those items checked off.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Replace a ceiling fan
We can replace that old brass colored noisy ceiling fan with one that looks more modern and is quiet. We install ceiling fans where there is a light fixture now as well.

Ceiling Fan Installer

We are a Home Repairman Service

Small “honey-do” or Rent a Husband type home repair work. Hourly and Bid type Pricing

Low Voltage Wiring Repair

We replace broken or worn out light switches, electrical outlets and light fixtures as well as troubleshoot low voltage wiring with things like speaker wiring, outdoor lighting, video wiring, surround sound wiring.

Tips with photos on what to look for when deciding who to call for an electrical repair.

Security Camera Install

Did you know that in 2019 Texas passed a law increasing the penalty for package theft to a Felony for someone that takes more than 50 packages? Catching that person on camera taking your package could help get that person put in prison.

Tired of packages disappearing from your porch?

What about protecting your vehicles?

We can wire up your security cameras for less with a one year warranty on our labor.

Door Repairs, Rot Repairs, High quality threshold repairs, Rot Proof door casing replacement

Barn Door installs

Quality barn door installs, with attention to the details for even the pickiest clients.

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