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When you need a light moved exactly over the table

When you need a pro to repair your home but it’s a too small of a job for the guys with big crews. We specialize in maintenance jobs and repairs, Odd Jobs, To-do lists or the typical rent-a-husband type jobs, things like door repair, sheet rock repairs and rotten wood repairs. Send us a photo of what you need done to get started.

Trustworthy- Licensed- Insured- Background Checked

We have partnered with Home Depot to be able to handle jobs sourced from their “Pro Referral” services, In order to do that we maintain liability insurance and have a background check performed by an outside agency.

Let us help you with getting your inspection report items fixed as well.
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Send us your
Brian & Stacey List

Send us your Brian & Stacey list and we will get it done!

Our Professional Quality Handyman Services

Our handyman services may not be the cheapest option out there,
but we are the quality option.
All of our work is done from the perspective of
"If this was our home what would be the best long term repair"

A cheap repair will cost you more in the long run every time.

"If you don't have time to do it right
when are you going to have time to do it over?"

Combine Jobs

With Brian's Pro Handyman Services you can combine jobs that would otherwise require a call to many different companies.
Our skills cover many areas such as basic door repair/adjustments, basic carpentry, cabinet repairs, lighting repairs, sheet-rock repairs and basic wood rot repair.
There are many jobs that Brian & Stacey
can get done - usually in the same visit.

Brian's Pro cleans up shows up on time brings the right tools for the job

Quality Work

Taking pride in the quality of work, doing it right the first time, Quality is also cleaning up after the job, making sure that it has been done correctly and showing up on time.

Brian & Stacey

You get all of your basic handyman repair projects done, from home repairs to repairing your rotten door frames
Bring us your handyman repair list and we can help you get the items crossed off of your to-do list

Professional Handyman

By hiring a pro handyman company that is insured helps you trust that they can do the job right the first time.
It can also save you money in the long run.