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Utah Home and Office Handyman Services
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Utah Home and Office Handyman Services

What is a professional Handyman?

Handyman Job Description

Professional handymen are general fix-it specialists who use problem-solving and technical skills to solve household maintenance problems.  We complete tasks that are more complex than the typical homeowners skills allow. Our skillset includes the general knowledge needed to repair most tasks around a home or an office. These skills require technical knowledge across a wide range of skills, from electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.

We also have the knowledge to know when a licensed Plumber or an Electrician is the better option for you.

Professional Handyman Duties

Handymen most commonly are asked to perform many different tasks and typically can perform these tasks during the same visit.

Most often the handyman will meet with the client and discover what needs to be done. A handyman then discusses the options in which the task can be achieved, taking into account the budget needs of the client and the best way to complete the project. A handyman will then create an estimate or a bid with a timeframe to complete the project.

Home or Office maintenance is a major duty for professional handymen. The tasks required to complete the client’s project may force the handyman to crawl into cramped places, work in confined spaces or be outside in inclement weather. In addition, most projects are complex and require the use of specialized tools or procedures.

Requirements for a Professional Handyman

Most handymen usually do not need specialized training or education for employment or private practice. However, complex tasks may require the use of specialized tools, specialized experience and training. This is where being a professional handyman comes into play.  Skills such as electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, tiling, carpentry or drywall installation each require specialized tools and training.

Utah requires a handyman to become licensed for any job including supplies or materials and labor over $1000. Being licensed can afford a professional handyman additional professional credibility and allows us here in Utah to have larger jobs up to $3000. Licensing also requires a licensed Handyman to have liability insurance.

Utah does not require any insurance for the unlicensed handyman. This is a risk for the homeowner with any possible damage falling to the homeowner to cover.

Is your handyman Licensed?

In Utah all contractors are listed in a public database run by the State of Utah. To check if your handyman or contractor is licensed and that their license is valid is to check here.  I have found that entering their first name and last name is more effective than trying to enter their business name.

Repairs and Maintenance for your Home or Office

We can perform the repairs and maintenance tasks that are going to take you too much time or need tools that you don’t want to purchase or learn how to use for just one job.

We can handle your minor kitchen remodels in stages so that they are more affordable. We can also update the painting in the areas that are getting the most traffic. We can update the fixtures to led lighting to save you money on  your energy bill. We can replace worn out faucets, door fixtures, electrical outlets and will fix your leaking toilet as well.

We are your one call solution for all of your home or office needs!

No matter if you need to repair your home’s sheetrock or your office lighting, our professionals can help.

What our clients say about us

I have used Brian for a few different projects around my house and I couldn’t have been more pleased with his work and honesty, I highly recommend him. *****

Kaitlin S.Tremonton, Utah - General Home Repairs

Great Service, friendly on time and quality work. will be using again and would recommend. *****

Henry S.Brigham City - Sheetrock Repair

***** Best service in Town! Everything I need is done promptly and professionally. I had a whole house remodel and they got it done in the time frame that I needed. Would Definitly recommend using them for all of your home needs.

Ogden, Utah

Celeste CotantWhole House Remodel

Brian’s Pro Handyman Service. Did an awesome job! He fixed my dryer, replaced parts and had it working in around 30 minutes. Also he came out and fixed a water line that was cut during some remodeling, and replaced and repaired several water lines in my basement that were rusted. And replaced several faucets that were leaking or just too old, or had been plugged from the rust.

I will definitely use Brian’s Pro Handyman Service next time…. Thanks Brian.

Portage, Utah

Emily KnutsonPortage Utah Remodeling House

***** Great Job at a good price! I would highly recommend him. I look forward to using him for other projects. He kept me informed and was great to work with.

Corinne, Utah

Tamera MarbleCorrine, Utah - Porch post replacement

Brian did an amazing job when I had just had hip replacement and really wanted my tv mounted on my bedroom wall. He was quick, efficient, and did an amazing job. Now there is a bigger tv hanging up there than what he initially did & it’s still going strong. I would definitely recommend Brian for and your honey-do lists.


Tamy Green MillsInstall Flat Screen TV