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Message from the owners Brian and Stacey:

Thank you. We hope your experience was excellent and we can’t wait to see you again soon.

We are located near Mineola, Texas and we service about a 1 hours drive.

Quality Work

Quality means taking pride in the work we do. It means doing it right the first time, striving to offer the best handyman service we can and finishing the job completely.
For us at Brian’s Pro, quality looks like showing up on time and leaving your home better than how than we found it.

Brian & Stacey

We can handle all your home repair needs. From adding a light bulb to repairing a balustrade, we’ve got you covered. Bring us your repair list and we’ll help you take it from a Walgreens receipt to a sticky note length in no time. Leave your weekends for enjoying your home, not slaving in it.

Prompt Service

You can rest easy knowing that we are a professional company that is insured. Don’t let just anyone make repairs on your home, get someone you can trust. Most problems, when caught early enough, are easy and quick to repair. Save yourself money in the long run and let us take care of the minor issues before they become major headaches

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Trusted Seller

Honey-Do Handyman

We specialize in small jobs and repairs. Odd jobs, to-do lists, and typical rent-a-husband type work are our favorite. From door and sheet rock repairs to wood rot and maintenance, We are here to help!

Trustworthy Licensed Insured Background Checked

We are proud to say that we have partnered with The Home Depot and can now accept jobs sourced from their ‘Pro Referral’ services program. A background check and liability insurance are just some of the extra steps we have taken to prove our trustworthiness to assure the best quality possible.

We are also familiar with most inspection reports. Many items can be taken care of within a day or two, getting you back on track on selling or buying your home.

We are insured for your safety. What does that mean for you?

Our liability insurance protects you: the property owner.

Unlicensed work has many risks. Did you know, Texas does not require any insurance for a ‘handyman’? When work is done by someone who does not have this type of insurance, damage caused by or to an unlicensed individual comes out of your pocket-  either in the form of a check or insurance claim.

Is your property worth that risk?

None of us want something to happen. We take extra measures to prevent all accidents. But we know they happen. When they do, don’t be caught off guard. Hiring someone that has liability insurance is worth that peace of mind.

What can we check off of your to-do list?

Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Clear your to-do list and take back your weekend!

We are now offering small bathroom remodels

Our services may not be the cheapest option out there,
but we are the quality option.
All of our work is done from the perspective of
"If this was our home what would be the best long term repair"

Trusted Home Repairs

A cheap repair will cost you more in the long run every time.

"If you don't have time to do it right when are you going to have time to do it over?"

What parts or materials do I need?

We can provide everything needed for whatever repair we’re completing. No sense in stressing over which parts or pieces to buy, we bring it all with us. Already bought the parts? No problem, we will work with the purchases you made. Our repairs come with a one-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Combine Jobs

With our local handyman services you can combine jobs that would otherwise require a call to many different companies.
Our skills cover many areas such as door repairs and replacements/adjustments, basic carpentry, cabinet repairs, lighting repairs, sheet-rock repairs and basic wood rot repair.
There are many jobs that Brian & Stacey
can get done - usually in the same visit.

Independent Handyman Services

We can take care of most all your maintenance and repair needs. We are based in Mineola and serve the Counties around Wood County, Texas.
We are upfront with our recommendations both inside and outside, We can take a look at your project and recommend the best type of service to contact, when it is a service we can provide our repairs cost you less than hiring a specialty trade.
Specialized work, such as HVAC, plumbing or electrical have their places, but most small tasks can be completed without the need of expensive specific trades. In many cases once their job is done, you’re left with the clean-up. We can repair the after effects that these crews leave behind.

We can come in and take care of the smaller tasks and repair projects that the specialty trades don’t have time or desire to tackle. They have their place, but it’s not replacing a light switch cover.

You want a professional, one that knows where the lines are drawn and is trustworthy enough to tell you. We will never give a quote on a job we are incapable of completing. When we give you that number, you can be assured that it is with 100% confidence.

What days are we open?

We are open Monday – Thursday 7-4 and Fridays 7-Noon

How is Brian's Pro rated?

Check out our reviews page for this answer

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