This is a small home theater build that I have been working on in my spare time for a while now, this part of the project was to build a in wall cabinet to hold the amplifier and the rest of the equipment, it also included running the speaker wires inside the walls and under the floor. Eventually the plan is to have a mounted screen with a 4k projector and I’d like to upgrade the sound system. The master bedroom is behind this wall and this is built inside of the closet.

before the tear out

Have the basic box built

Close up of basic box

Installing the black carpet

Checking the shelves for level

Equipment wired up

Testing the speaker wiring and taking a break.

Next will be to pick up some trim, also need to finish out the box in the closet, always a work in progress, eventually I’d like to add some in wall speakers.

If you need your home theater wired up, or need ideas on how to make it sound better let me know.