Rain Gutter Repair Service

Rain Gutter Guard installed

We have been getting a few rain gutter repair calls, so I thought I’d post some photos and some tips on how to keep them clean and have less problems with them over the winter.

Rain Gutter Maintenance Checks

The first thing to check is that the gutter has a slight pitch towards the drain so that there is no water left sitting up there, this problem creates a idea location for mosquitoes to live. This usually is caused by  an ice dam that has caused the gutter to sag or pull away from the house. Over time the water build up will let the dust and leaves from each season to create a muddy mess like in this video.


Dirt like this did not happen in one year, it took a few to get that way, but a sure sign that there is a problem is when you start seeing trees or weeds growing up there.

Gutter cleaning tool

The best tool that I have seen to clean these out is a simple spray nozzle, the downside is that most of the mud is going to come straight down on top of you. At that point you are better off on the ladder.

Gutter Repair Service

This is where our service comes into play, if it has been a few years since it was safe to be up on a ladder give us a call we can come out and repair you gutters and even install a gutter guard made out of stainless steel that will help this to not happen again.Gutter Guard is a great way to have the leaves, broken shingles, and tree seeds from setting up residence in your rain gutters. Contact us today to have your gutters checked out to see if there are repairs that are needed to be done up there.


This is not a maintenance free product, you would still need to clean the leaves off a few times each season to get the leaves off that got wet or that were stuck up there, if you don’t you will have a mess once ice or snow starts flying around.



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