Broken Water Pipe Repair

A call from a landlord about a broken outside faucet that if the renter opened the faucet the water would also flood the basement, this repair was a serious challenge as the only way to even see the broken water pipe was in a return air duct and the basement was completely finished so there was no access from below. In addition the pipe had seen its share of repairs over the years. We service areas from Logan to Ogden, Utah and of course Tremonton, Utah.


first view of the project
The only view of the pipe
This view was only with the camera

To get this view my cellphone was lowered into the return air duct then I blindly took photos until I got this one. To assemble this I had to have two pipe wrenches down in the hole, to ensure that there were no leaks I used teflon tape and pipe dope to lubricate the teflon, and just to make things more challenging the plumbing supply store could not get me the replacement in the same length so I had to improvise with a coupling and a nipple, “Get er Done” came to mind.

Finished Repair

I wish that I had brought some clear calk with me, and I also had a bit of work getting the angle correct so that the water would drain out of the pipe when the water was turned off, this was most likely the cause of the pipe freezing to begin with.




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