Handyman floor repair

Today we received a call for a handyman floor repair Job.  In this home there had been some water damage from a leak from the bathroom shower, that leak had been fixed but the damage to the flooring in the laundry room had not been able to be repaired by the previous home owner before the sale of the home, the floor in the laundry room was really soft and even had a squishy feel to it, not good when you need your washing machine to have a stable base. So the plan was to remove the top layer of the floor and see how far down the damage went.


Handyman Floor Repair.

We will repair your house as well, give us a call to set up a time that is best for you. The next step for this project is going to be to stack the washer and dryer and build in some shelving. And of course put down a new floor over the sub floor. What project in your home do you just need a hand with to get finished, We can help you finish your projects by bringing the extra tools or even just finish it up. Get in touch with us and we can help you out.

The next part of this project

As I get to work on this project more I’ll update the photos, the sub
floor had a nice layer of tar paper covering it so the damage was
limited to the top layer of plywood, The squishy feel was from some of
the support boards loose and I was able to add some screws and a few
nails with the nail gun and tightened up the sub floor a lot. I cut the
new plywood to fit and screwed down the new flooring and temporarily
moved the appliances back into the room. I also moved the sprinkler
timer over so that her new washer would be able to slide that few extra
inches back into the room.



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