FAQ - What are some questions that you have wanted to ask?

  FAQ – what are some questions that you have that you were afraid to ask?

FAQ – Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have about your projects.

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Start small on your list of repairs, the things that bother you the most, the gate in your yard that sags so bad that you don’t even want to go that direction or the garage door that has fallen off of it’s hinges.

What about the cabinet above the fridge that wont let your new refrigerator slide all the way back, and while we are talking about refrigerators what about getting a water line installed so that you can use the ice maker?

What are the things that are driving you nuts about your home? These are the things you should start with.

There are a few things that we can do to help out your bathrooms, general maintenance items like replacing the caulk, the replacing the shower handle, tub spigot, shower head, then replacing the bathroom faucet, maybe a new sink? and a fresh coat of paint followed by a new shower curtain or shower door.

80 grit vs 200 grit, which one should I use?

This is a common question that I have heard, an 80 grit paper is more coarse and will remove more material than say a 200 grit paper. A 200 grit paper is more fine and will result in less material removed. Generally speaking you would want to start with a coarse (80 grit ) and work your way to a fine ( 2oo grit ) paper.