The power of a professional Image – Tremonton

The Power of a professional Image – Tremonton

We see so many images today, from the ads on the billboards to all of our various screens, and we think very little about the impact they have on us and on our business, this image has had 6,078 views this month alone, it was taken for a business in Logan, UT for a local Bread Company, (not mentioning their name for SEO reasons, though they have Great tasting breads and pastries!) but part of creating a professional image is knowing what people are looking for when they search for a business, and it is not what you think it might be. Every business is different, and has different needs, so a photo that would work great for one business would not work for another one, after a while you get a feel for what will help and what will not, what does help is Google sends me these emails with status updates on what photos are doing well. With that knowledge and the years that I have been creating these images, I then apply to the next photo that I create.


This photo was created as part of our virtual tours for Google Maps® Packages- Get more information here

The power of a professional image

Professional Images get results

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