The Value of Pro Photography

1. Homes Sell For More

The Value of pro photography in real estate is often overlooked and many people are leaving money on the table of their real estate transactions, there have been multiple studies that have shown that homes marketed with professional photography get more showings and therefore the property sells for more. The most significant study is the 2010 Redfin study (link) that indicates that a home sells for anywhere from $900 to $116,000 USD more when it is marketed with professional photography, why would you willingly leave that money on the transaction table.
The info-graphic below was created by Robert Preville, a Wilmington, NC Realtor ( from the data from the Redfin study, it illustrates the importance of good marketing photography in selling home.

2. Agents Get More Listings

As a real estate agent there are compelling reasons for using great photography to present a listing:
When professional quality photos are used for marketing, the home seller or client will be pleased how agents are marketing their property.
It’s a well-established fact that great photos and marketing materials are a way to get more listings. Neighbors of the listing property watch carefully how a property is marketed. If they like what they see, they will ask the agent to list their property when the time comes to sell.
If there is competition for a listing, the commitment of professionally done photography and marketing materials will help win the listing.

The listing agent is the marketing expert in charge of selling a client’s property and it is important they understand the way marketing photos work so they can use photography to the maximum benefit whether they shoot their own professional quality photos or hire a professional photographer. The next page describes what professional quality photo means.

What do Professional quality Interior photos look like?

Real Estate Home Prep,Tips,Tricks - Example Photo of Home Prep Tips Tricks

Home Prep, Tips, Tricks

Here are 10 essential principles that you can use to give real estate marketing photos maximum effectiveness.

If you can’t produce marketing photos that conform to these rules, hire a professional that can:

The Ten Essentials For Real Estate Marketing Photos

  1. The primary purpose of real estate marketing photos is to present the features of the property. Make sure that each photo visually supports this purpose. Any visual distractions that divert the viewer’s attention from this purpose need to be eliminated.
  2. Use a wide-angle lens to shoot interiors. Wide-angle lenses increase the feeling of space in interiors. What’s a wide-angle lens? For interiors, a lens should have a 35mm equivalent focal length of between 14 and 24mm. Lenses with a wide enough angle of view to shoot interiors don’t usually come with o -the-shelf or point-and-shoot cameras.
  3. Remove clutter and stage interiors for best results. It’s a well-known fact that staging homes pays off. Homes sell faster and for a higher price when they are staged. Most lived in homes have too much clutter. Photos will look better and show more of the home if clutter is reduced and furniture is staged by a trained home stager.
  4. The primary exterior shot is THE most important photo. Spend extra time, money and effort to get a “knock-out” front photo because this is the photo that will be seen most and first by prospective home buyers. Online thumbnails of this photo must entice the buyer to look closer at the property. Many homes benefit from an elevated front shot where the camera is 10’ to 20’ above street level.
  5. Render interiors light and bright. Bright interiors are up-beat and make a more positive impression on the prospective buyer, so you want light and bright photos. Amateur cameras often under expose. Special lighting equipment and/or photo editing techniques must be used to get interior photos to come across light and bright.
  6. Vertical lines (walls etc.) must look perfectly upright and parallel with the edges of the photo. We live in a world where we know that all walls are perfectly vertical. When photos don’t look this way it becomes a major visual distraction.
  7. Vertical and horizontal lines must be straight.Wide-angle lenses cause lines near the edges of photos to curve (called barrel distortion) so special photo editing software must be used to remove this lens distortion.
  8. Don’t let bright windows distract. Unless special lighting and/or photo editing software is used interior windows will tend to look too bright so the view out the window is not visible. It is always possible to show the view out the window if the view is an important selling point of the property.
  9. Don’t let color casts distract. Strong color casts (typically a strong orange or yellow cast from incandescent light bulbs) distract the viewers attention and make interiors look unrealistic.
  10. The way photos are presented online has a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of marketing a property. Photos have the most impact when presented large (800 x 600 pixels or larger) and in a smooth, easily controllable slide show. Real estate sites typically do not present photos in the most effective way possible. One
    of the purposes of a virtual tour or slide show is to maximize the impact of marketing photos.

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The Value of Pro Photography

It is a tight market right now and it’s aiming to get even tighter, many homes up for sale are seeing bidding wars for their homes, so with homes flying in and out of the market why would you need professional photography?

“If you haven’t already hired a professional photographer to shoot your listings, you should really think about doing so. Check out these 15 real estate photography facts you need to know.’

“From Instagram to Pinterest to Snapchat, digital photos have become their own mode of online and mobile communication. With 92 percent of home buyers using the Internet as part of their home search, listing photos are a critical factor in the selling price of your home, how quickly it sells, and whether it sells at all.”

“Bad Real Estate Photos – A Crime?”

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