When you are ready to sell your home, what are the photos going to say about it’s value to the new buyer?

photo of property that has shell of house that is run down.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies with Professional Photography

Real estate marketing strategies on how a professional photograph will help sell your home.

Residential Real Estate Marketing

So, these days a lot of real estate agents are skimping on one of the most important aspects of selling your home: the photography. They are not telling you that it is important to showcase your home in its best light.

Ever wonder why the photos of the burgers look so good vs what you actually get wrapped inside the paper wrapper? Luckily with real estate, the photo needs and must match the reality of what you will actually see when you get there. But, there is a Grand Canyon difference between selling your home with a cell phone photo and bringing in a professional photographer to take the photos. In reality you need to present your home in its best true form.

Selling your home for more

There are buyers out there right now looking for their perfect home. They are looking for features, neighborhoods, nearby schools and all sorts of demographics that you have no control over, for those specifics, they are what they are.

These buyers are also looking for the kitchen, master bed room, garage and yard that they want. They want to see these areas at the best time of the day. They want to know what the neighborhood looks like at sunset or with the early morning light streaming through the windows?

The homes that don’t offer anything near that quality? Well, those homes get cell phone pics and the agents that feel that way move on to a home on which they can make a larger commission.

Every home has a best time of day

We all get 24 hours a day to do be the best we can at what we do. Your home also has a best time of day. For the early riser, it is the first light of the morning sunrise. For the night owl it could be the sunset from the backyard.

If you don’t have a photo that shows the time of day the buyer is most interested in, well they will move on down the list of homes for sale. This home that we just purchased had everything that we wanted, and I being a professional photographer was able to spot the one set of photos in this area out of all of the homes that were available that said to me that the owners of this home cared about it, and wanted it to go to someone who would care.

The thing is everyone is looking for something different and for different reasons, without that photo they just move down the list.

Even the Wall Street Journal recognizes the value of professional Photographers

In this linked article
“Not surprisingly, (Real Estate) listings with better photos command higher asking prices:
If you believe your home is worth the investment of good photography, you’ll probably ask more money for it. The surprising thing is that it works”

The photos matter and they matter a lot!

When you are selling a home think about what the photos say about you? If you don’t care about your home enough to show the best things about it, why would someone else bother looking? What type of buyer are the photos you are presenting going to attract? Do you want to sell your home for more money? Do you want to invite someone to own your house who is not interested in making it their home? No, of course not. You want the new homeowner to care and love their soon to be new neighborhood and all of this can be achieved with HD quality, professional photos.

Another Great Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Virtual Tours

Just like the photo of the burger at the local restaurant, the photo makes your mouth water with anticipation and says the restaurant cares about their food. They care that it looks good on the menu and even more important, they care that you will love it.

How about seeing the restaurant and actually checking out the ‘freshness’ of their food? You get to see the photos to get your mouth watering and then see where you’ll be consuming this delicious food! With your house on the market, a potential buyer is looking at not only the mouth-watering inside, but the home potential of the outside including the surrounding neighborhood (parks, shopping, schools and such).

When you are ready to sell your home, what are the photos going to say about it’s value to the new buyer?

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