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In order to sell your home, here are some home Prep, tips and tricks for getting your home ready for a photo shoot.

As professional photographers we understand the some of these things may seem minor but really need to happen to get your home ready for photography.
When you place your home on the market it needs to have a general appeal so that every home buyer will be interested in taking a closer look at your property.
Keep reading to find the best tip and tricks we believe will actively market your home.

Things to consider in every room

Open window treatments, shades, or shutters

Remove any pet products

Remove any children’s toys.

Vacuum every room.

Clean windows


The most used room in any house

Getting your kitchen ready for photography

Kitchens in general are one of the most valuable places in a room,
of all the rooms in a home it’s the place that your family and friends will spend the most time in.
Most all memories will be made in the kitchen. This is why you should spend most of your attention getting this room ready!
Counters should be clean, remove any personal items such as:

Toaster oven

Coffee Maker

Paper Towel Roll

Butcher Knife Block

Personal Items should be placed out of sight.

If you have under counter lighting, make sure that all the bulbs are working along with the ceiling lighting and are all using the same color light bulbs.

Remove all floor mats, make sure that the floors are clean and look good.

Cabinets should be clean and free of any stains.

Hide any pots and pans.

If you have a center island place a clear bottle and white bowl no more than 5 inches high with fruit in season or some lemons for a nice touch of color.

Clean your stainless steel surfaces, making sure that there is nothing that would show in a photo such as fingerprints or marks.

Remove anything personal from the fridge, magnets stickers, notes, etc.

 Master Bedroom

Next the second most important room in the house: the master bedroom. More than just a sleeping place, it should look inviting and peaceful.

Preparing your Master Bedroom for Photography

Peace and quiet with a general feeling of comfort should be what a buyer should feel when they look at the master bedroom.
We suggest that you have light colored covers on your bed, preferably ironed, but at least wrinkle free, with some similar colored pillow covers, you could add a bit of color by adding some bright colored pillow cases.

Don’t hid anything under the bed unless the bed covers cover the view.

If you have small rugs hide them inside the closet.

Open all window covers and blinds. If you have dark window curtains, we suggest that you switch them out for brighter ones or completely removing them as dark curtains will help the room look smaller and more gloomy.

Nightstands should be free of any clutter and any medical devices, books, reading glasses, clocks phones and charging cables. The only thing that should be on the night stand for the photo is a lamp if available.

If the bedroom is small and there is too much furniture in it, we suggest that you remove it, just keep one small dresser, you can temporarily hide these items in the garage or basement.

Check your lights that they are all working and the same color light bulbs.

Vacuum and clean everything left in the room.

Getting your Master Bathroom Ready for Photography

Another make or break place in a home is the master bathroom, a place where everyone has an amazing voice. Well not us, A properly photographed master bathroom will attract the right buyer. The master bathroom is a critical factor in selling your home.

Please clean the mirror, you can use a fine steel wool to really polish the glass.

In the vanity, clear the tops of your sinks. Clean the faucets of any dirt or spots, and make sure the vanity lights are working.

Put away any shampoo or, soaps, brushes, and plastic cups for your showers and make sure that the shower heads are clean, if really bad just replace with a new one.

Pick up any mats, allowing the floor to shine in the photography.

Remove any towels, too many towels in the bathroom help it to look cluttered.

Open up any shutters or blinds and make sure that the windows are clean.

Clean the shower doors of any hard water marks, soap spots or fingerprints.

Remove any toilet cleaning chemicals, brushes, bleach bottles, or cleaning supplies.

Consider adding some flowers for a pop of color.

 Preparing the Foyer for Photography

The foyer is the first thing a homeowner sees and is often the first interior image an agent will use in showing your home;
it is important that the foyer is looking neat and organized.

Put away shoes, entrance mats, umbrella rack, family pictures, and anything personal to this area you want the buyer to vision their items in this area.

We have been in houses where prominent artwork has been, unless it’s staying with the house we recommend that it is removed.

If there is a chandelier that is staying with the house, make sure that all of the light bulbs are working.

Family Room

A place for the family to hang out and relax

Preparing your family room for photography

being that sometimes the family room is the center of your home life, it is just as important to make it look it’s best no matter what, including moving furniture around if needed.
We see many family rooms with all kinds of memories and artwork covering the mantle above the fireplace, these areas need to be mostly empty one or two items only just enough to give an idea of the space or to add some color.

Unplug chargers from the walls and turn off any televisions.

Couch should be fluffed and clean.

If you have a gas fireplace, you can turn them on just long enough for the photograph.

Make sure all floors are clean and free of dust or dirt.

Remove any pet products, children’s toys, remotes, games, or any electronic devices.

Dining Room

Time for dinner, this is the dining room.

Cleanliness is the most important thing, so make sure all floors are clean and free of any dirt or dust.

Open all blinds and curtains, buyers want to see the view outside.If you feel it is important, set the table.

If there are too many chairs at the table, remove a couple to make the room look larger and more inviting.


Time to go outside

Preparing your home’s exterior for photography

‘We have all heard of curb appeal, and it’s true when they say that a “Home without curb appeal will be harder to sell!”

Close your garage doors.

Make sure that there are no garbage cans on the side of the house, you can hide them in the back or inside the garage.

Remove any clutter and day to day items, like:


Snowplow reflectors

Children’s toys, pets toys, game equipment.

Have your lawn mowed and make sure that shrubs are cleaned of dead spots, and edged.

It’s a good idea to remove any dead plants, shrubs or planters that are not being used.

In the winter make sure that all concrete or patio areas are shoveled.

Getting the backyard ready for Photography

Take extra time to make sure that your backyard is as clean as possible.

Pick up any toys, game nets, balls, etc.

If you have a pool, make sure that it is appealing and remove any hoses or vacuums.

Make sure that any patio furniture is flawless or hide it in the garage.

Wash patios so they are free of any dirt, we recommend that you rent a pressure washer and really clean the patio well.

In the fall or autumn, make sure to remove any leaves and any patio umbrellas this is the time to have them closed.


When listing your home you want to emphasise all the positives that it has to offer, and you want to avoid just for now these aspects of your home.
Getting your pets ready for home photography
When listing your home you want it appear inviting to as many people as possible, some people are allergic to pets and won’t even consider a home that may have had a pet, so we suggest that you hide all traces of a pet, from water dishes to crates that your pets live in. This includes water, food bowls, leashes, litter boxes, etc.
Selling your home is a time to get the property to be just as generic as you can so you can appeal to the largest possible audience, you want to move and selling your home quickly is the best option to get there.
One other thing make sure that all pets are in a crate and out of the photos just long enough for the photos to be taken, there have been many instances where the photographer has startled the pet, after all the photographer is a stranger in their house, and the pet has knocked over a vase or even bitten the photographer.

Other areas of your home

Other bedrooms, bathrooms, finished basements, offices, are as equally important to receive the same treatment, use the closets of these rooms and areas to hide the boxed up extra items in.
Some agents end up skipping certain rooms, the better ones do not, especially in smaller homes. So it’s important to go through them and clean them up based on the other rooms already listed on this page.
Because of all the small stuff we acquire through the years now is a good time to get ready for your move and box up these items and place them in the smallest room or storage areas, a photo of a storage area won’t look that great and it’s a great place to hide the extras from all of the other rooms.

 A few last things to consider

It is going to take a lot of work and focus to get your home ready for professional photography and you are not alone, if you’re working with an agent they can help you look for resources to help you achieve the desired look.
At the top of the list you can hire qualified room stagers who can not only make suggestions but also bring furniture and accessories to make your home look great and help with getting rid of the clutter that just builds up over time.
You may also know someone in your neighborhood that can come in with fresh eyes and hands to help you stage your house.
Many realtors are also very qualified to determine the best look for the different spaces in your home, they have seen many versions of homes and also know what will sell and what sells for more.
Finally this page is here to help you sell your home faster and more importantly for the right price, you want to make your home more inviting and and one that translates to better photography, we have heard of people that have gone through all of this work staging their home and can not believe that it is the same house in the neighborhood that they love, and decide that they really didn’t want to move after all. If that happens then you and your team have succeeded in capturing your homes elegance and charm.

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Brians Pro Photography wishes you all the best in your new transition and we hope one day to capture your home!