Advertising Photographer

for Businesses an advertising photographer can enhance your visibility in Search Engines with a Virtual tour and professional HD quality images.

We create virtual tours for both Google Maps Street View or offer a third party feature rich option.

There are a few major players in the VR or Virtual Tour market today and a lot of companies trying to be the leader. Who is succeeding?

For the real estate advertising market there are quite a few companies scrambling to help you advertise your business. You need to decide who is right for you. Which option will portray the true value of what you are selling?

The real estate market drive is part of the reason for businesses to have a VR tour done, your clients are expecting to see a vr tour inside a prospective home

and are expecting to see a restaurant, tire store or hotel in the same fashion. For the businesses that take advantage of this advertising technology, they get to stay at the top of the market.

For the businesses that chose not to, they get to see their sales slowly drop and are left to wonder why.


Virtual Tours or VR Tours

The latest trend is to have a virtual tour created, these are going by a lot of different names, in reality these are all based on a series of still photographs

taken at different places, usually the most visually interesting place, and I’ll get back to that in a moment it’s not where you would think it is.

There are even a few different video services that are jumping at the chance to get into this arena, but it all breaks down into trying to sell you the

sizzle while they do the technical magic in the background to make it all work.

The early leaders in the VR technology

The first Major player to the market was Google Maps with their Street View Technology, You may have seen one of the Google Cars driving through your neighborhood. For brick and mortar businesses I am a certified Google Trusted Photographer and I can bring my cameras into your business and shoot the still photos and then in the background I do the magic to make it all work and the photos all get to live in Google Maps. This is the lower cost option for businesses and it is very effective for drawing attention to your business.

There is a new option out and it has options like hot spots, custom floor plans, custom menus. and videos that can play from YouTube or Vimeo, these are interactive videos that can play on the tv screens inside the virtual tour, just like in real life if the person were walking in your business. These have a monthly hosting fee and for the right business these make better sense, the tours are not allowed in Google Maps so they must live on your businesses website.

A virtual tour of your business will drive more traffic through your doors.

Virtual Tours Real Estate Photography – Using Google Maps Street View for the low cost option or a third party feature rich option.
To choose the right business customers must trust that you are a real business, that your place is clean and in a decent neighborhood and many other factors. What your customers are looking for in photos and your business will surprise you.
a 360-degree virtual tour inspires greater confidence in your location before they ever arrive. These can be funny to show off the culture in your business, or more factual either way this will help in a few ways to attract new customers and this will attract employees to your business.
Using Professional Photographers is an important investment in creating your businesses image and creates a feel in your client for your level of professionalism and the quality of your business.
Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Visitors to Visit Stores Within One Day. Google- 2014 Local Search Research*

Using a Advertising Photographer Today

There are basically two options for businesses that wish to boost their visibility with a virtual tour.
1. Today’s third party virtual tours are really popular with hotels and convention centers, resorts and those type of businesses. they are feature rich with highly interactive displays.
2. The lower cost option for smaller businesses is to have a Google Maps Street View tour, while not quite as interactive as a third party Virtual tour, a tour that qualifies for Google Street View does enjoy the benefits of being hosted in Google Maps and on Google Search, this puts the tour in front of every person using Google Maps on the millions of mobile apps and more importantly in Local Search.
A 360-degree virtual tour of your business, whenever someone searches for you they will be able to see it all up close.
This program is ideal for businesses that are brick and mortar type stores, the business with a 360 virtual tour will get more foot traffic than a similar business without a 360 virtual tour.
We are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer
We bring GOOGLE Street view images inside your business.
an advertising photographer has the tools to help you get more attention from social media.
We can create tours for both, there are different steps that we must take when shooting the photos so let us know.

Commercial 360 Virtual Tours Hosted in Google Maps

When Searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.
Contact us today for a no obligation quote to put your business in Google Maps.

Virtual Tours can be shared

in email, websites and social media and drive engaged shoppers to your business as well as the best place is to show your virtual tour on your website.

Don’t Ignore Google Maps

On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.
Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.
40% of mobile searches have local intent.
Your Virtual Tours show up where it is likely to have the greatest impact!

Images taken by a certified trusted photographer

Shown on Google Search and Google Maps

Embed virtual tour on your website

Help customers explore your business

Commercial 360 Virtual Tours Hosted in Google Maps

You can also create your own 360 imagery using the Street View app – but the results are not great at all,
Cell phone cameras are great for the occasional photo of your plate at dinner or a share to social media.
have a professional with years of experience create the images and you can do what you do best, Run your business.

Third party hosted Vr Tour options

This type of tour is amazing for Hotels, Spas, Resorts and Recreation areas.
This type of tour is the only type available at this time for the residential real estate market,
for this, the homeowner would get a link or QR code to their website.
With custom menus and custom floor plans your guests are able to jump around and view the sites they are most interested in.
There are also interactive areas inside the virtual tour to show videos with links to the major social media channels.
A virtual tour lives on your website and has a monthly cost that varies depending on the traffic and the complexity of the tour being hosted.