10,000 Photo Views

Just received this yesterday, sometimes it is the simplest photo that has the most interest, and most times us photographers never know a photographs true impact. What I do know is that if your business is not adding new photos every month at the least you are missing out on new visitors to your business. Currently so far for this month this photos count is at 12,075 views,

Photos drive the interest in a business, they keep the eye’s interest long enough for the text to be read.

This photo has had 10,000 views

10,000 Photo Views

Now there are photos that I consider to be ‘better’ photos doing well, like this one which is currently sitting at 8,506 views for the month. Each month the photos numbers change a bit, but each month, day in and day out these photos will continue to work, the business owner paid a one time fee for me to create these and now gets to enjoy the business that these will bring in month after month.

Over 8,000 Views for the Month of July, 2017

Over 8,000 Views for the Month of July 2017