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What I do

Create amazing real life colorful photographs of your real estate and commercial buildings.

How I do it

By working hard to constantly improve, an admitted perfectionist, I am never happy until I can get it perfect.

Where I live

We live halfway on the side of a mountain just outside Tremonton, in a town called Thatcher,

where the view everyday is ever changing with the different seasons and constant weather changes.

About Me

After spending more than 10 years as a hobby photographer starting with film in High School, a career changing injury allowed me to return to Salt Lake Community College and get the degree I had always wanted. Now with more than 15 years working as a photographer, I am finally doing a job I love!

Although I’m still limited by the injury to my foot, I have a wonderful service dog and a very supportive family. The biggest part of photography for me is the editing/post production and I’m able to do this with very little pain. During the photography shoot, I am able to get the quality photos done in a minimal amount of time and my service dog is not necessary on site.


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Commercial Photographer

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Real Estate Photographer

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