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Want to use 360 Degree Photo and Video

Want to use 360 Degree Photo and Video?

Have you considered using 360 degree photos or videos for your business? What about having some numbers to back up what these photos can do for you?

There is a nice write up over at Forbes on the current state of 360 Degree Photo and Video, with a list of suggestions and tips for the markets that this is good for.

Click Here for the Article over at Forbes

The points that I want to touch on are the last three “From the Forbes page”

6. Optimize Local Business Pages

Using 360-degree photography is a great marketing tool for optimizing your local business pages and getting a better online presence. Besides adding basic profile information, such as your company address and website, you can get even more creative with your business profiles. By implementing this tool to these pages, potential customers will get a great preview of what your business is about.   – Solomon ThimothyOneIMS

7. Prepare For Tomorrow’s Consumer Expectations

Today, 360-degree photos and videos are very helpful in industries such as the auto industry or real estate where visualizing the product is essential. As VR continues to grow, 360-degree photos and videos will likely become a standard. The consumers’ expectations will likely adjust to needing to learn more about the overall “360-degree” experience of the restaurant for example, not just a picture of the dish.   – Ahmad KarehTwistlab Marketing

8. Build An Immersive Experience

360-degree photography allows you to take photos that place the person exactly where you want them to be to experience a space. Whether it’s for event space, views from resorts or hotels, real estate, data centers or simply scenery, it’s a great way to immerse individuals and entice them to physically want to be there themselves.   – Ilissa MillerIMiller Public Relations

What about having some hard numbers for how the photos are really doing?

From what I have seen, this is really working well to optimise the local business pages, just recently I received this from Google, this is something new that Google has started sending me to track, but take a look at these photos from a local bakery and how well these are doing in Google Search and Google Maps.


Could 4,000 views or 7,000+ views help your small business?


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Want to Use 360 Degree Photos? 150,000 Views in Google

Want to use 360 Degree Photos? Photos have had 150,000 Views in Google

Hello and welcome to our new website


Welcome to Brians Pro Photography, For the last few years we have been bouncing around with different genre and types of photography, trouble is that I love them all and it’s tough to settle down to just one type of photography, I am one of those people that have the curse of being really good at a great many things, and no it’s not just my ego here, I could amend that to read I am told by many different people that I am really good at a great many things, but all in all it boils down to my personal belief that “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right” combined with “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have time to do it over?”

I do a great many things, my mechanical, technical, hyper focused brain, has lead me down many paths, but no matter what I do, the goal has always been to do it right the first time. of course I don’t always succeed, but then again who does? The point is that is the goal or the aim is to always be the best at what I am doing, so when I do need to do something over I am fixated on getting it right this time, not on blaming someone else.



For myself it boils down to the tools, in every industry I have worked in,  it is about knowing how to use the tools you have in your hand to get the job done, cheap tools get cheap results, and it’s deeper than that, the person that is satisfied with a cheap tool is not interested in doing the job, let alone a great job, they are probably more interested in beer 3o than spending the extra time needed to get it right.

So for me I am interested in using the best tools I can get my hands on, in finding the person who has been on the job the longest so I can learn the ropes, in doing the best job that I can with those tools, and creating the best result possible, even when I need to spend more time on it. On charging for my efforts so it’s appreciated at the end of the day. So when you hire Brians pro -Me! you are going to get my best effort every time.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Which brings us to Commercial Real Estate Photography, I started out creating virtual tours and in this I have the most experience, but I am wanting to expand this skill set to residential properties, for the last 8 years I have been taking panoramic landscape images and I see light and color in a way that has taken me a lifetime to learn, in fact my first word spoken was “light” while pointing at a light bulb – True story, those of you that know me, well just ask my mom.

Deer Creek Reservoir Cold Sunrise

Panoramic Landscape

I have the best tools I can, Full Frame Cameras, highest grade lenses, top of the line computers, and the best lighting needed to get the job done the first time. What I need is more chances to serve, more difficult lighting challenges, and I need help finding the best clients. So if you are interested in letting the true nature of a place shine through, in finding the right family for your home just click on the “Get in Touch with me” link.

Keep checking back, I have a lot of photos to update here, a lot of commercial work that needs to be uploaded, and I need help gathering new photos to add here as well. I hope this is a place you can feel welcome to visit and feel free to comment.


Thanks, welcome to Brians Pro Photography and happy house hunting.

Brian Beck