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A New Year

A new year with some new changes,

I am going to be trying a new experiment for 2018, and it is work that I have been doing most of my life, it’s a switch away from some types of photography, with just doing the Google Maps work for 2018, and back towards what I have been doing on the side mostly, and that is to start to advertise more of my handyman skills, for now this website is going to have to serve both of these services, but the experiment is that whatever of these two services gets me the most business is the direction that I head for, this has been a terribly difficult decision with all of the effort that has gone into getting photography going and this comes on the heels of Google informing my that I have hit the 2,000,000 mark in photo views, that in itself is incredible.


So stay tuned for the upcoming changes. With a heartfelt thanks to all of those that have helped us get this far.

Brian Beck

Top Photographer on Google Maps

Top Photographer on Google Maps

Photos prove exactly

These photos prove exactly how much photos matter.

Photos prove exactly what a good high quality, a professional photographer can do, go to the link and take a look, go ahead I’ll wait here.

Look at the photos in this link, can you see the difference the photographer made to the homes first impression?

Which home would you prefer to purchase? Which home’s photos would start a bidding war?

What about that exterior photo that is listed first in the online directories?

Does it make the home feel like the builder had a crooked plumb bob, see how the top is narrower than the bottom in a cell phone pic?

(BTW – it’s called convergence and most all lenses do this)


What goes into ‘quality’ real estate photography?

Photos prove exactly how much a quality photo could improve your sales, I wish I could give an exact number, but let’s estimate low, say 4%, what would 4% more at the end of the year look like? 4 percent more at each closing? but what if just one or two of those really nice homes had a bidding war and that one, well it jumped to 18% over asking price? what would a few of those look like at the end of the year?

I could bore you to death with all of the ‘professional gear’ that it takes to create a quality photo these days, long gone are the days of having the photographer shoot the photos and let the photo lab (remember those?) fix your mistakes, now the photographer is also the ‘lab’ in a world that believes gold plated photos come right out of the pricey expensive cameras (lenses, carbon fiber tripods, studio lighting)  we use, that we just press a button? I wish someone would tell me where that button is really at? When the reality is that the more expensive the camera gets the less it does for you, (the less that we want it to do for us)  it’s more like comparing the typical Honda minivan vs a manual shift 18 wheeler semi, with two trailers hauling a load of fresh cut hay.

It starts with professional gear, but it does not end with it

On top of that just to keep up with technology this year alone I have spent over 6k in gear and the year is not even half over yet.

The more expensive the camera the less it does, and that is a great thing, no auto PHOTO anything, ALL MANUAL, but it does take more effort to get it right in camera, there is less room for mistakes.


Read the article I linked to above and ask yourself how much exactly a good photo matters, if you purchased that exact camera could you then edit the photos in Photoshop to get the same effect? what about needing all of the photos to look similar? what about terms like layers, mode blending, color profiles, color temperatures? Which homes photo would help lead you into purchasing it?

I can hear the buts now, for instance this one, But what if the home does not look “showroom” quality, we have all seen those homes that are less than ideal, to be nice, the current homeowners are in over their heads and the house looks like dirt and they need help and want out fast, for those homes, the ideal buyer changes to the person or group who can fix it up and make it into a model home, how do you find those people? Well for starters you need to give them a better sense of the size of the room, the condition of the home, this is where a cell phone photo is going to really hurt you in trying to sell the home, that person needs to see that a new piece of sheetrock here and some trim there, with new flooring and paint and this could really be a great home. Help them help you.

Would you know the best place to stand to get the walls exactly vertical, What is the best camera height in the kitchen vs a bedroom?  Where is the worst place and height?  What does stretching the photo in photoshop do to the sharpness of the photo vs getting the lines straight in camera? Do you know that it really, really matters to the value of the home how those photos look, a great photo will increase the initial bid! What about using studio lighting to help the photo look like it does to your eyes?

A quality photo will change what the first bid is, it will change how bad they want that home.

These are some of the things that I get to worry about, to discuss, and practice with, sure cell phone cameras are getting a little better with each generation, but better cameras than cell phones existed before we even had film to take photos with,

Don’t leave money on the table by selling any home with crappy cell phone pics.

Over 90% of home buyers starting their home search,  are started by looking online, at those photos that you might not think matter that much.

Residential Real Estate Photography - Brians Pro Photography - Tremonton

Residential Real Estate Photography – Brians Pro Photography

The power of a professional Image – Tremonton

The Power of a professional Image – Tremonton

We see so many images today, from the ads on the billboards to all of our various screens, and we think very little about the impact they have on us and on our business, this image has had 6,078 views this month alone, it was taken for a business in Logan, UT for a local Bread Company, (not mentioning their name for SEO reasons, though they have Great tasting breads and pastries!) but part of creating a professional image is knowing what people are looking for when they search for a business, and it is not what you think it might be. Every business is different, and has different needs, so a photo that would work great for one business would not work for another one, after a while you get a feel for what will help and what will not, what does help is Google sends me these emails with status updates on what photos are doing well. With that knowledge and the years that I have been creating these images, I then apply to the next photo that I create.


This photo was created as part of our virtual tours for Google Maps® Packages- Get more information here

The power of a professional image

Professional Images get results

How 360 Video Sells Real Estate

Recent News – How 360 Video Sells Real Estate.

Quote from Link

“Seeing is believing in real estate. Quality property photography is essential, but video is the superior selling tool. Real estate listings with a video tour received four times the number of inquiries than those without a video. Virtual video tours helped about 40% of potential homebuyers make a purchasing decision. The numbers demonstrate video marketing drives listing traffic and closes deals better than photography alone.”

We can create 360 video tours, at least what people think of as video, while video is certainly possible with the new cameras, the high quality image is not there yet, we use a dslr and high dynamic images and stitch the images into a seamless projection, it takes longer, it is not instant and the quality is very high.

see more on our advertising photographer page



Hello and welcome to our new website


Welcome to Brians Pro Photography, For the last few years we have been bouncing around with different genre and types of photography, trouble is that I love them all and it’s tough to settle down to just one type of photography, I am one of those people that have the curse of being really good at a great many things, and no it’s not just my ego here, I could amend that to read I am told by many different people that I am really good at a great many things, but all in all it boils down to my personal belief that “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right” combined with “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have time to do it over?”

I do a great many things, my mechanical, technical, hyper focused brain, has lead me down many paths, but no matter what I do, the goal has always been to do it right the first time. of course I don’t always succeed, but then again who does? The point is that is the goal or the aim is to always be the best at what I am doing, so when I do need to do something over I am fixated on getting it right this time, not on blaming someone else.



For myself it boils down to the tools, in every industry I have worked in,  it is about knowing how to use the tools you have in your hand to get the job done, cheap tools get cheap results, and it’s deeper than that, the person that is satisfied with a cheap tool is not interested in doing the job, let alone a great job, they are probably more interested in beer 3o than spending the extra time needed to get it right.

So for me I am interested in using the best tools I can get my hands on, in finding the person who has been on the job the longest so I can learn the ropes, in doing the best job that I can with those tools, and creating the best result possible, even when I need to spend more time on it. On charging for my efforts so it’s appreciated at the end of the day. So when you hire Brians pro -Me! you are going to get my best effort every time.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Which brings us to Commercial Real Estate Photography, I started out creating virtual tours and in this I have the most experience, but I am wanting to expand this skill set to residential properties, for the last 8 years I have been taking panoramic landscape images and I see light and color in a way that has taken me a lifetime to learn, in fact my first word spoken was “light” while pointing at a light bulb – True story, those of you that know me, well just ask my mom.

Deer Creek Reservoir Cold Sunrise

Panoramic Landscape

I have the best tools I can, Full Frame Cameras, highest grade lenses, top of the line computers, and the best lighting needed to get the job done the first time. What I need is more chances to serve, more difficult lighting challenges, and I need help finding the best clients. So if you are interested in letting the true nature of a place shine through, in finding the right family for your home just click on the “Get in Touch with me” link.

Keep checking back, I have a lot of photos to update here, a lot of commercial work that needs to be uploaded, and I need help gathering new photos to add here as well. I hope this is a place you can feel welcome to visit and feel free to comment.


Thanks, welcome to Brians Pro Photography and happy house hunting.

Brian Beck