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    Went up to this home in Logan, Utah to install a Doggy Door, they had this small dog that was insistent that you throw a ball, he would run up to you and not only drop the ball but roll it to you so it was right at your fingertips, and then would sit there and shake in anticipation for you to throw the ball.

    Anyway I did manage to stop playing long enough to install this door. 

    I forgot to take a final image, I'll have to update this when I get back up there. 



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    This old fan just quit last week, dismantled the old fan and assembled the new fan, the bracket in the ceiling was in good shape and it was a quick replacement. Complete with new led light bulbs. 

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    I was called to fix a leak in the wall behind the sink, everything was dry, no leaks found, so I asked to see where the leak was, went down to the basement and found a stinky bucket and a broken pipe with a piece of wood cut to hold the pipe up, it didn't do anything for the water leak though, turns out it was a simple break right there above the elbow of the pipe. Easy Fix. 





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    I have the first sign on the truck, eventually I want to add a version of this information to the sides of the truck.

    I wanted the decal on the inside of the glass so that during the winter the letters would not get scraped off when removing the snow and ice. 



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