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Doggy Door Install

Went up to Logan, Utah to install a doggy door, these cute little pups would bring you a ball and toss it to you then sit and shake, yes shake with anticipation for you to throw th

Drain Pipe Repair

This home had a slow on again off again leak, the new home owner had thought it was inside the wall behind the kitchen sink, which was an outside wall and had little chance of gett

Emily Knutson

Brian’s pro Handyman service. Did an awesome job! He fixed my dryer replaced parts and had it working in around 30 minutes..

Celeste Cotant

Best service in town! Everything I need is done promptly and professionally. I had a whole house remodel and they got it done in the time frame I needed.

Tami Green Mills

Brian did an amazing job when I had just had hip replacement and really wanted my tv mounted on my bedroom wall.

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